Geauga Lake: Today & Forever

   Geauga Lake History

    Geauga Lake was originally called Picnic Lake and Giles Pond. Not sure of the exact dates when the name changes took place.

The Kent House, a 75-room hotel, was built. Became focal point for the new park.

     The park's first ride, a steam-powered carousel, was added. A roller rink, photo gallery, billiard hall, and bowling alley soon followed.

     New management, under the ownership of William J. Kuhlman, rebuilt the park. Added the John Miller designed Skyrocket (Big Dipper), a 2,680 foot long, 65-foot tall wooden roller coaster. Other amusements were added including the Dodgem, Tumble Bug, Whip, Hey Dey, an Aerial Swing, auto speedway, and a carousel. A new swimming pool was added.

     Geauga Lake gets national attention as Johnny Weismuller sets a new world record for the 220-yard freestyle. Weismuller would eventually become famous as Tarzan.

     After surviving the Great Depression, Geauga Lake adds the historic Marcus Illions carousel.  Originally built for the Philadelphia Sesquicentennial Exposition in 1926, it appeared briefly in Birmingham, Alabama before being placed in storage prior to being purchased by Geauga Lake. Illions himself restored the ride before it became operational.

The Aerial Swing is upgraded to the Rocket Ships from the old airplanes that were on the ride.  By this time the Schreyer family is operating the park. During the 40's the Cuddle Up, Caterpillar, and Ferris Wheel were added.

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