Geauga Lake: Today & Forever

   Geauga Lake History

    Geauga Lake suffers a huge fire as the bowling alley, roller rink, and much of the dance hall are destroyed. The carousel's band organ was stored in this building and was also destroyed. Total damage was $500,000.

Several new kiddie rides were added.

     The Scrambler, Flying Cages, Giant Slide, Paratrooper, and Round Up were added during this decade. New skeeball alleys and food buildings were added in 1967.

     Earl Gascoigne, Gaspar Lococo, and M.P. Jacobson, three managers that helped revitalized Cedar Point, go on their own and purchase Geauga Lake. They form a new public company, Funtime Inc., and sold $5 million in stock to acquire the park and adjacent property. One of the first accomplishments was the leasing of 25 acres to Sea World to build their park.

     First new ride under Funtime was the Parkview Express, a $250,000 monorail from Universal Design.

     The Himalaya and Spider were added.

The Wharf restaurant was added.

     The park expands into undeveloped, wooded land past the old swimming pool with the addition of the Gold Rush log flume, featuring a 42-foot hill and the Merrie Oldies antique cars.

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