Geauga Lake: Today & Forever

   Geauga Lake History

    Geauga Lake adds the Big Ditch boat ride and the Fun Bunch characters (Geauga Dog, Gunkey Monkey, Dandy Lion, and Andy Panda) debut.  The park also builds a new main gate, now offering pay-one-price admission.

The Skyscraper, a 200-foot tall observation tower from Intamin, debuts along with the Bayern Kurve.

     The Calypso, a new games area, and the Gold Rush Theater are added.

    The Matterhorn, Super Cat, and the Zyclon, a compact steel coaster from Pinfari, are added.

     The Double Loop, the largest investment in Geauga Lake's history, is added and becomes the anchor in a new Western Village theme area. The Scrambler and Fly-o-Plane are moved to this new area. The Musik Express is also added, replacing the Himalaya.  The old Fun House is converted into an indoor theater (Palace Theater).

     With the success of Double Loop, Funtime adds the Corkscrew to the front of the park.

Western Village expands with the addition of the Enterprise, from Huss, and a relocated Dodgems. The former Dodgem building becomes the Buffet Cafeteria.

     The park begins an $800,000 reconstruction of the Big Dipper.  The double dip is removed at this time.  The Cinema 180 is also added.

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