Geauga Lake: Today & Forever

1888 - 2007


Geauga Dog says...

Welcome to Geauga Lake: Today and Forever
Courtesy of Ray P.

   On September 21, 2007 the final piece of Northeast Ohio's rich amusement park heritage closed forever. Geauga Lake was 119-years old when Cedar Fair, without warning, announced that there would be no more rides in Aurora.

   The park may be gone but the memories live on here at Geauga Lake: Today and Forever. Be sure to check out all of the photos and maps that celebrate this wonderful institution.













Geauga Lake: A Final Goodbye

Geauga Lake Alternatives

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Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania

Darien Lake
Corfu, New York
 (Buffalo Area)

Idlewild Park
Ligonier, Pennsylvania

Kennywood Park
West Mifflin, Pennsylvania
(Pittsburgh Area)

Waldameer Park
Erie, Pennsylvania