Geauga Lake: Today & Forever


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Point Online
Cedar Point
SFGAm World
Six Flags Great America fan site
KI Extreme
Kings Island
Great Adventure Online
Six Flags Great Adventure fan site
KI Central
Kings Island
Experience The Point
Cedar Point
Disneyland Paris fan site
North Ohio Parks
Cedar Point and other attractions
Darien Lake Central
Darien Lake fan site
Geauga Lake Info
Regarding Geauga Lake's closing.
The Idlewild Show
Idlewild Park & Soak Zone
fan site
Euclid Beach Park Now
Organization preserving the memory of Cleveland's most famous amusement park.
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  The Backup Band
One of Cleveland's oldest bands.
American Coaster Enthusiasts Cleveland Skyscrapers
Highlighting Cleveland architecture
  Skyscraper Page
Discuss cities and skyscrapers.
General Park/Coaster Sites Euclid Beach Boys
Owners of the Euclid Beach Rocket Ship and Thriller Car which you can rent for any event.
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Get stats and info on all coasters.
Great photos of roller coasters.
Fantastic park and coaster photos.
Theme Park Review
Excellent site for photos and videos
of parks and rides around the world.
Ultimate Roller Coaster
Discuss parks and coasters
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News Plus Notes
Blog featuring news in the industry.