Geauga Lake: Today & Forever

    Park Views - Six Flags*

    Click on an an era in Geauga Lake's history to see what the park was like.

        Early Years (1900-1959)                Funtime Era (1960-1995)

       Six Flags Era (1996-2003)              Cedar Fair Era (2004-2007)

      *While the park was a Six Flags park from 2000 through 2003, it was actually purchased by Premier Parks in 1995. The company would later change their name to Six Flags Inc. after the purchase of the entire Six Flags chain just a few years later.

Asian Statue Asian Adventures
Asian Statue
Asian Adventures
Bank Explodes Batman Show
Bank Explodes
Batman Water
Thrill Spectactular
Bat Boat Batman Show
The Bat Boat
Batman Water
Thrill Spectacular
Batman Enters
Batman Enters
Batman Water
Thrill Spectacular
The Batmobile
The Batmobile
Boomtown Water Works
Water Works
Bugs Bunny Topiary
Bugs Bunny
Band Organ Oktoberfest 2002
Carousel Band
Organ Display -
Carp at Asian Adventure
Carp at Asian
Daffy Duck Topiary
Daffy Duck Topiary
Double Loop and Villain from Americana
Double Loop and
Villain from
Dolphin Fountain
Dolphin Fountain
Dolphin Statue
Dolphin Statue (was always a popular photo spot)
Dolphin Topiary
Dolphin Topiary at Dolphin Harbor
Festive Oktoberfest Entrance 2003
Festive Oktoberfest
Entrance 2003
Front Gate from Americana
Front Gate area
from Americana
Happy Harbor Panorama
Happy Harbor
Oktoberfest Vendors 2002
Oktoberfest Vendors 2002
Path Behind Stadiums
Path Behind Stadiums
Path to Happy Harbor
Path to Happy